Lavender Pyramid


This candle is made with 100% vegan wax and scented an incredibly relaxing lavender scent. It will burn down the center of the pyramid to create a lacey effect in the wax. Burning your candle in a room with air conditioners, heaters, or open windows is not recommended as the extra air blowing nearby can cause the candle to burn too quickly.
Every CorsCandle is poured by hand and shipped out of New York. They burn for 75 hours and you never need to trim the wick which makes it easy to blow out and relight any time!

Height: 7″
Width: 3″

This listing is for one pyramid candle, the photos with two candles are to show how they burn.


**Be sure to burn all candles on a candle plate and keep away from ALL drafts (heaters, windows, fans, and even high traffic areas that people will often be walking by creating a breeze). The more air that hits the candles the less it will burn with the lacey effect to the wax.

**These candles are VERY delicate once they are unwrapped, if you are giving them as a gift I recommend keeping them in their original bubble wrap and tissue paper that I ship them in, and placing them in a gift bag to keep them safe.


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